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0% Financing and Rebates

0% Financing and Rebates

With 0% Financing, manufacturer rebates, tax credits, and incentives from your local utilities, you won’t have to pay full price for state-of-the-art heating and cooling.

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Learn More About The Cost Of A Ductless Heat Pump Installation

What Does Ductless Cost?

The price of your Carrier ductless mini-split depends on the size of your home and how many rooms you’re treating, and more. This is an excellent explanation of the cost.

Find out how much your system may cost.

Carrier Ductless Installations Near You
Carrier Ductless Installations Near You

Examples Near You

From State College, PA to Philadelphia to Bethany Beach, DE, Carrier ductless heats and cools homes all over Eastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Delaware.

Read real case studies from homes in your neighborhood. 

Cozy Nursery With Mini Split In Churchville, PA Split-Level
What Is Carrier Ductless?

What is Carrier Ductless?

Carrier ductless is a mini-split system that can quietly and efficiently heat or cool one room, an entire home, or anything in between.

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Ductless Heats and Cools
Ductless Heats and Cools

Ductless Heats and Cools

This is not your father’s heat pump. They provide hot heat even when outside temps reach -20 and impeccable cooling, even in the hottest and most humid summers we have.

Ductless Heats and Ductless Cools. Click to learn more.

Reduce Gas and Oil Use
Reduce Gas and Oil Use

Reduce Gas and Oil Use

You can eliminate heating with gas and oil with modern heat pump technology. See how people are making the shift to cleaner electric heat.  

How to Eliminate Oil and Gas Heat

Carrier Ductless Installation Harrisburg PA

Reduce Your Energy Spend Starting Day 1

You have a choice in the way you heat and cool your home, even though you may feel like you can’t get away from natural gas or oil heat.

Ductless systems provide more comfort control and consume up to 40% less energy than traditional gas and electric heating and cooling systems.

Ask your local Carrier dealer which product is right for your property-contact Ductless Carrier today.

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Why ductless?

Many homeowners prefer ductless HVAC systems because they’re…

  • Quiet
    You’ll no longer need to turn up the TV volume when the heat kicks on.
  • Efficient
    No more fighting over the thermostat. Choose how warm or cool you want each room to feel.
  • Cost-effective
    Contact one of Ductless Carrier’s dealers today to explore your options.

Whole-Home Comfort

Every room in your home will feel exactly the way you want it. Bedrooms that are too hot? Family rooms that are too cold? Empty, unused rooms inflating your energy use? You really can have it all. Or set each room to the same temperature to get even heating and cooling across your entire home.

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Sunrooms, Garages & Additions

Make your sunroom or addition an all-seasons oasis, or your garage a year-round workshop. Ductless heating and cooling gives you single-room climate control that feels just as good as your furnace or central air.

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New Construction & Renovations

Ductless mini splits work with new layouts and room designs when your existing ductwork can’t do the job. They also heat and cool entire homes with no ductwork at all. You’ll increase your comfort and your property value with state-of-the-art heating and cooling.

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Classic & Historic Homes

Old homes can finally be as comfortable as post-1950 homes with ductwork. You can have impeccable heating and cooling without tearing out the walls and ceilings of your older home. And there’s no need to install bulky, expensive ductwork. Ductless HVAC is easy to install and non-invasive.

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Light Commercial

Can you keep your staff and patrons comfortable, protect your assets and reduce your monthly expenses all at the same time? With ductless heating and cooling, you can! Mini splits are all over Philly’s renowned bar and restaurant scene. They also offer exceptional climate control for server rooms or storage areas. And, they’re energy-efficient to drastically lower your utility costs.

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Supplement Your Existing System

Do you love your existing HVAC system, but also notice its limitations? Ductless fills in those blanks for true year-round comfort.

Complete Comfort Control

Easy-to-use remote controls let you change the temperature in each room individually. Or, use an app on your smart device to map out your entire home. You can program it or make changes from anywhere in the word with a Wi-fi connection.

Examples in my neighborhood

From Upstate Pennsylvania to Cape May, New Jersey, and down to Bethany Beach, Delaware, see how we helped to heat and cool your neighbors.

Churchville, PA

Baby Gets Cozy Nursery With Mini Split In Churchville, PA Split-Level

Problem: Homeowners were expecting a baby and designed a lovely nursery. But, it was in the room above the garage, where it’s difficult to maintain a safe and comfortable temperature in the winter and summer.

Solution: Installed a single-zone Carrier mini split in the new nursery located over the garage, that brings quiet comfort all year long.

Wyndmoor, PA

Problem: A home studio in the converted garage of a century-old Wyndmoor, PA home was always too hot and humid in the summer or too cold in the winter. The rest of the home used old radiators and central air on the top floor.

Solution: A Carrier single-zone ductless mini split created the perfect, peaceful climate for this part of the house. The installation was quick and easy and didn’t affect the look and feel of this classic home.

Harrisburg, PA

Problem: Homeowners in Harrisburg, PA had a beautiful sunroom. But, it turned into a sauna in the summer and was too cold in the winter. They wanted to make the room a year-round gathering spot for friends and family.

Solution: Installed a single zone Carrier ductless mini split in the sunroom to deliver perfect comfort at the touch of a button.