How To Electrify Your Home With
Ductless Mini Split Heating And Cooling

Your heating and cooling systems use the most energy out of all your home appliances. Air conditioning alone accounts for more than 15 percent of our nation’s total electricity usage. And, with energy prices going rising, homeowners can now expect to spend up to $746 a month to stay warm in the winter. And, for a long time, there wasn’t much you could do about it. 

Now, that’s changed. 

Today’s heat pump technology makes ductless mini split heating and cooling more energy-efficient and clean than ever before. At the same time, more Americans than ever are electrifying their homes: Switching from natural gas and other resources to clean and renewable energy through electricity. 


That all makes ductless installation your next big step toward reducing your carbon footprint, paying less on your monthly bills, and even getting off the grid when it comes to who you rely on for energy. 

And, you can do it all without sacrificing your home comfort,

Modern Cold Climate heat pumps can keep your home warm even in sub-zero temperatures. That makes them more than able to work efficiently in Pennsylvania’s climate.

Your indoor units provide steady, even heating and cooling that always stays within a degree of your thermostat settings. 

But the big difference is that your heat pump never burns fossil fuels or uses electricity to generate heat. Instead, it uses whatever thermal energy is available outside to keep you warm.

All it needs is a small amount of power to run thanks in large part to heat pump Inverter technology. While they’re electric-powered, mini splits use much less electricity than even traditional electric heating and cooling systems.


As a result, you’ll pay a fraction of what a gas, propane, oil, or even conventional electric heater costs to keep you warm in the winter. When you combine your mini split with solar power, it’s possible to heat and cool your home using only the power you generate on your property — no reliance on the grid at all!

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