Baby Gets Cozy Nursery With Mini Split In Churchville, PA Split-Level

Problem: Homeowners were expecting a baby and designed a lovely nursery. But, it was in the room above the garage, where it’s difficult to maintain a safe and comfortable temperature in the winter and summer.
Solution: Installed a single-zone Carrier mini split in the new nursery located over the garage, that brings quiet comfort all year long.


Like many people in Churchville, PA, these homeowners wanted to make the most of the “bonus room” above the garage in their split-level home. But because a garage is often a large, open and unheated space, it can make keeping the room above comfortable difficult.

Even with great heating systems, these rooms have a tendency to be way too cold in the winter and like saunas in the summer.

And, in this case, maintaining the right temperature was especially important when the room became the nursery for the family’s baby.

Options like adding a window air conditioner don’t work well for a baby’s room. They are loud and noisy, and parents can’t always hear the baby on a monitor over the AC.

And of course, space heaters are pretty dangerous, especially with small children.

Our homeowners needed a solution that would keep this room comfortable, no matter the weather. And it needed to be quiet so the parents could hear if the baby woke up in the night.

In this case study, we’ll look explore:

  • Mini Splits Are Great For Nurseries
  • Precise And Whisper-Quiet Comfort
  • Carrier Mini Splits Help Reduce Allergens
  • Rebates Help Make Carrier Ductless An Affordable Option

Mini Splits Are Great For Nurseries

Ductless mini splits work well in bedrooms and nurseries because they provide excellent heating and cooling without requiring a lot of construction. You can outfit your entire home with these or — in the case of our soon-to-be-parents in Churchville — add a single-zone system for the one room that needs a little help.

Baby Gets Cozy Nursery With Mini Split In Churchville, PA Split-Level

Ductless mini split systems consist of two parts: An outdoor heat pump and an indoor air handler. The indoor unit is often mounted up on a wall, out of the way — a key feature for a child’s room.

And, installation is fast and easy. There’s no worrying about adding or extending ductwork.

Precise And Whisper-Quiet Comfort 

Besides getting the heater and cooling system off the floor and away from small hands and fingers, Carrier ductless mini-split systems are whisper-quiet, making it easy for parents to hear babies and children even in the next room without a monitor.

New babies also don’t regulate their temperature well, so having a well-controlled environment is important. The air handler has a built-in thermostat to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room, while distributing the comfortable air evenly throughout the space, eliminating hot and cold spots.

Plus, the new system can be easily controlled by the handheld remote, making it easy for a parent to adjust the temperature even while walking the floor with a fussy baby in the middle of the night.

Carrier Mini Splits Help Reduce Allergens

Keeping the air quality high is key to keeping young children as healthy as possible — something every parent can appreciate!

The internal filtration systems in Carrier mini splits remove dust and allergens from the air, improving air quality throughout the room.

By providing both heating and cooling without requiring an open window, parents no longer have to worry as much about mold, bugs, and high pollen count days that often are problems with window ac units.

Rebates Help Make Carrier Ductless An Affordable Option 

Carrier ductless systems are also energy-efficient, reducing energy use by 70 percent compared with baseboard heating and 30 percent with air conditioning compared to conventional options.

As a result, these highly -efficient heat pump systems qualify for rebates both from Carrier systems qualify for energy-efficiency rebates up to $300 from PECO for heating and air conditioning.

These rebates help reduce the costs for single-zone systems, which, along with the significant energy savings, give homeowners additional comfort and more money in their pocket- something every young family can appreciate!

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