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Ductless Mini Split Installation Near Lititz, PA | Haller Enterprises

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What Should I Expect When I Contact Haller Industries?

Your ductless mini-split consultation process is fast and easy with no upfront commitments! Once you fill out our form, we will contact you to set up your free consultation. This is when you’ll explain what you’re looking for in a ductless heating and cooling system. 

From there, Haller’s team will provide you with a free quote for a customized installation. It’s based on your unique requests and the best way to optimize the system in your home. You’ll also learn about rebate and financing opportunities and what to expect during the installation process. 

When you’re ready, you’ll sign an agreement, pay a deposit, and schedule your project! Most installations take only one or two days. 


How Much Will My Ductless Mini Split Installation Cost?

Installation costs start around $6,500 for a single-zone system and go up with every additional indoor unit. We’ll give you a free quote after we learn more about your project and assess your home’s layout, square footage, and more to create a custom installation plan for you.

Superior Cooling Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Ductless systems provide more comfort control and require less maintenance than conventional HVAC systems. Carrier products are more affordable and perform better than systems from leading brands.

Let Haller Industries” ductless specialist help you select the right Carrier ductless system for your home.

Call Now: (717) 807-6061

We Are A Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer
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