Mini Split Offers Quiet Comfort For A Home Office In Spruce Hill, Philadelphia

Mini Split Offers Quiet Comfort For A Home Office In Spruce Hill, Philadelphia

Problem: Homeowners needed additional quiet comfort in their home office. Their window air conditioner was noisy and made conference calls painful. They needed comfort for working from home while keeping costs under control.
Solution: Installed a single zone Carrier ductless unit in home office to bring quiet comfort all year long.

The Spruce Hill Section of West Philadelphia features lovely Victorian-style row homes, and many people who work at local universities live in the area, enjoying its charm and historic nature.

But like with many older homes, they tend to rely on window air conditioners for cooling in the summer and radiators in the winter.

Window air conditioners do a decent job, but they’re painful to put in and take out each year. And, with the temperature swinging as wildly as it has over the past few years, deciding on the right time is nearly impossible!

Plus, on the hottest days of the year, window units have a tendency to freeze up and can’t keep up with the weather- leaving you hot under the collar at the worst time of the year.

So, our West Philly homeowners were on the hunt for a new way to keep their home office comfortable year-round.

And, when they heard about mini splits, they signed up for a free consultation to find out if a system like that would work well in their house.

After that, it wasn’t long before they were ready for an installation!

In this case study, we’ll look explore:

  • Why Ductless Mini-splits Work Well For Home Offices
  • Mini Split Systems Are Flexible And Expandable
  • Rebates And Energy Efficiency Make Comfort Affordable
  • Mini Split Installation In West Philadelphia And University City

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Why Ductless Mini Splits Work Well For Home Offices

The homeowners of this Victorian style row home in Spruce Hill started telecommuting in earnest over the pandemic. They realized right away that both spouses needed a quiet place to work that was also comfortable.

But, the window air conditioners made it nearly impossible to take a conference call. The background was noisy even with headphones, and the further you moved from the air conditioner, the more uncomfortable it got.

Since taking conference calls with your boss in clothes that look more like beachwear wasn’t a good option, they needed to find some way to make their home office more comfortable — winter or summer.

A Carrier ductless system could offer that and more. And, it wouldn’t require a long, messy, and expensive installation.

Instead, all they’d see inside was an air handler hanging on the wall. It monitors the temperature and humidity throughout the room and distributes the air evenly throughout the space. In that way, it removes the hot and cold spots.

Even better, the units are whisper-quiet.

Mini Split Systems Are Flexible And Expandable

Because the system can be sized to accommodate additional heads in the future, this solution also allows the homeowners to easily and cost-effectively add comfort to other rooms, like the bedroom, over time if they choose!

Our homeowners knew there was a chance they’d want to supplement their heating system in other parts of the home later on. So, they told their ductless mini split installer, who recommended a heat pump equipped to handle multiple air handlers down the line.

Now, they can add better comfort to more rooms whenever they’re ready!

Rebates And Energy Efficiency Make Comfort Affordable

Carrier ductless mini-split systems like this are up to 70 percent more efficient than conventional heaters and 30 percent more efficient in cooling than window AC systems. That saves our West Philly homeowners significant money on their PECO bills.

As a result, PECO and Carrier both offer rebates for people adding these energy-efficient solutions to their home, making these solutions even more affordable.

Where a single zone of ductless air conditioning might costs around $3,500 to $5,000 to install, rebates help bring the cost down while also reducing energy bills- and that will be particularly appreciated during the hot and humid months this summer!

Mini Split Installation In West Philadelphia And University City

If you’re spending more time at home than ever before, shouldn’t you invest in your comfort?

You’re saving money by telecommuting, and you should save even more by making your home office more energy efficient and comfortable year-round.

With the quiet comfort of Carrier ductless mini splits, you can take a conference call and no one will need to know you’re working from home. Click below for a free consultation to learn more.