Garage In Camp Hill, PA Becomes Home Office With Ductless Mini Split

Garage In Camp Hill, PA Becomes Home Office With Ductless Mini Split

Problem: Homeowners needed a better home office but didn’t want to do a whole addition to their home. They wanted to turn the garage space into a home office, but that would require adding heating and cooling to make it functional year round.
Solution: Installed a single zone Carrier ductless unit in the garage to help the homeowners create a functional and comfortable home office that would help pay them back over time!

Our Camp Hill Pa homeowners, like many families, found remote work as both a benefit and a burden. While the commute is much shorter, productivity can be a problem with so many distractions at home.

And, often, there’s no easy way to keep work separate from home.

The homeowners decided the best, fastest and most cost -effective solution would be to turn one of the garage bays into a home office. But the downside is that garages are not usually heated or cooled. That makes any remote work challenging without adding some sort of heating.

The homeowners called for a free HVAC consultation to see what options were available to make their new home office idea become a reality.

The solution was simple: A Carrier ductless mini-split system that would provide the much-needed heat and add additional cooling  for year-round comfort.

In this case study, we’ll look explore:

  • Transforming Unused Space Into Comfortable Living And Working Areas
  • Quiet System Gives Professional Office Appeal From Home
  • High-efficiency Options Save Money
  • Rebates Make Mini Splits More Affordable
  • Ductless Mini Split Installation In Camp Hill PA

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Transforming Unused Space Into Comfortable Living And Working Areas

Having a great, functional home office is not only necessary today. It can be a great investment in updating an older home for the long term. Turning the garage bay into a comfortable and functional home office provides needed functionality now, plus additional value to older homes in the long run.

And,  possible zoning complications- of adding an addition.

However, in order to turn a garage into a year- round functional space, you definitely need to add heating and cooling.

The best and most cost effective way to achieve this is to use a ductless heat pump system like those from Carrier, which can add both heating and cooling to the space at a price that won’t break the bank.

Quiet System Gives Professional Office Appeal From Home

Carrier ductless mini-split systems have two main components- an outdoor condenser unit, wired to an indoor air handler that’s often mounted high on the wall out of the way.

The air handlers use advanced sensors to monitor both temperature and humidity in a room, and adjust your comfort accordingly.

They are great at evenly distributing the air throughout a room to eliminate hot and cold spots, and you never have to worry about furniture blocking vents or baseboard heaters.

And, because they are whisper-quiet, they’ll never interrupt a conference call like a noisy window air conditioner.

Now, Mom can shut the door and her office is as comfortable and professional as if she were still working in the main office- with only being steps away from home when she’s needed.

High-Efficiency Options Save you Money

A single zone of ductless air conditioning that provides years of cost-effective comfort can run about $3,500. Compare that to the cost of an average commute in Camp Hill,PA, which runs over $9,300 a year!

And, that’s far from the only way you’ll save money. Carrier ductless heating and cooling systems are really energy-efficient, which will save you money every month on energy bills!

Heat pump systems like this one are 70 percent more energy-efficient than baseboard heating and 30 percent better than window ACs, making comfort more affordable each and every month.

Rebates Make Mini Splits More Affordable

Because these heat pump ductless mini split systems are so efficient, they are eligible for special energy rebates through PP&L! The rebates can save you up to $450 off the installation price. You can also get federal tax credits up to $500, and in this case the ductless mini split installer was able to time the project so our homeowners could take advantage of seasonal Carrier rebates and promotions.

Carrier ductless heating and cooling made this option affordable, and gave these homeowners everything they needed to make working from home a dream!

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