Carrier Ductless Mini Split Cools the Bedrooms in a Hamilton, NJ Cape Cod

SG Heating And Air Conditioning recently addressed a cooling issue in a Hamilton, NJ Cape Cod-style home through the installation of ac ductless mini split system. Tim, representing SG Heating And Air Conditioning, recounts the challenges faced by the homeowners and the innovative solution provided.

Problem: The homeowners in Hamilton, NJ, contacted SG Heating And Air Conditioning due to inadequate cooling on the second floor of their Cape Cod-style residence. With no space available to install new ductwork from the existing basement system, finding a suitable cooling solution posed a significant challenge.

Solution: Recognizing the limitations of traditional ducted systems, SG Heating And Air Conditioning proposed the installation of ductless mini-split systems. This solution not only resolved the cooling issue on the second floor but also provided heating capabilities, offering comprehensive HVAC solutions tailored to the homeowners’ needs.

Ductless Mini Split

Ductless Mini-Splits Cool and Heat

The decision to recommend the Carrier ductless mini-split systems stemmed from several considerations. Firstly, the compact design of these systems made them ideal for the limited space available in the Cape Cod-style home. Their flexibility allowed for easy retrofitting without the need for extensive ductwork, addressing the structural constraints of the house effectively.

The dual functionality of ductless mini-split systems, offering both cooling and heating, provided an unexpected benefit that will save the homeowner up to 40% on their heating bill in the winter. While the initial concern was cooling, the heating feature proved invaluable, particularly during colder months, ensuring year-round comfort for the family. Click here to learn more about how ductless systems work.

Ductless Provides Impeccable Comfort for Bedrooms

Carrier Ductless Mini Split In A Bedroom

In addition to addressing immediate cooling needs, ductless mini-split systems boast superior energy efficiency compared to traditional systems. This not only translates to cost savings for the homeowners but also aligns with sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact.

Ductless Mini Split Lower Energy Bills by 40% or More

SG Heating And Air Conditioning successfully resolved the cooling issue in a Cape Cod-style home in Hamilton, NJ, through the installation of ductless mini-split systems. This case study underscores the efficacy of tailored HVAC solutions in overcoming architectural challenges and enhancing home comfort. If you’re facing similar HVAC issues or seeking efficient cooling and heating solutions for your home in Hamilton, NJ, SG Heating And Air Conditioning stands ready to assist you with expert advice and professional installation services.